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The Fiction Story For Journalism Class

Human beings wish to relive certain experiences in their lives. There are instances when I wish time could be reverted and I am granted another chance to re-experience the emotions that I had the first time I put on the graduation gown; the joy I had when I received that special gift or the fun I had with my childhood friends playing balls in the front yard not having to worry about anything. While this might seem unachievable, there are a number of time warp stories that have proven this is possible.

Lisa got the chance to experience her life all over again.  Like every other Saturday, she was out strolling in the park, admiring every child that came her way. She flashbacked to those special moments in her childhood when she had everything that life could offer. Her father was a civil engineer with several contracts with the government. They lived a fairy tale life, which however came to an end when her father lost his well paying job, suffered depression and slipped into alcoholism. After several visits to the hospital, he was eventually hospitalized for intoxication in an unconscious state. Seeing so many happy kids at the park brought the memories back to her; and she wished she could get those moments back. Unknown to her, city park had been marked as a sacred place labeled “make a wish, get it real” by gigantic alien superpowers believed to be from mars. As soon as she made this wish, she collapsed and was rushed to the hospital unconscious. While everyone was quite worried about her, she was entirely in another world with her father who was equally unconscious on earth; in giant bodies and a strange world. She had been transformed into a baby alien aged 7.

Although her new world was quite similar to earth, there was a gigantic alien representing everyone that was unconscious from the park incident. She got to live the life she had wanted but realized she needed to have her friends to have the same experience. Her new home was a space ship inhabited by the gigantic aliens only. They had no particular place to reside, but kept moving from planet to planet recruiting new members into this new population. The original giant aliens each had supernatural powers for their survival. Lonzo, who was considered the head giant in the space ship, was their Supreme Being. He was the alien responsible for the wishes. The wishes were however attached to a number of conditions. First every person was only allowed four wishes in a life time; a wish could only be granted if it sought not to directly harm any species; a wish must not affect other people’s ability to act out of their own freewill. It was therefore apparent that every alien making a particular wish had to carefully survey the conditions that had been attached to it.

Without paying proper attention to the conditions, she thought this was the perfect opportunity to get all her friends, siblings and dreams to cross over to the second world. First she wished to have her friends in the surrounding, and she was granted. They had fun in the new world and pretended nothing had changed. Still she did not feel complete. So she made use of her second wish, commanding Lonzo to grant her the opportunity to be with her sisters in the second world. This wish could however only be granted if her parents consented to it; especially because they would be responsible for their upkeep.  Realizing that her parents would never directly agree to have more kids at that moment, she resorted to use manipulation to get their consent. Soon after, she was in the company of her two sisters. She won; at least that is what she thought.

Her story was however far from over. The overwhelming costs of taking care of the family’s needs began to weigh on the parents. Unknown to her, the conception of her twin sisters had been the compelling factor that had driven her father to alcoholism in the first world. Although her father still had a highly paying job, he was slowly being swallowed by depression. Gradually, he began to portray characteristics of patients ailing from brain disorders. Owing to this condition, he was equally dismissed from work. Lisa had apparently reached a worse place than where she had been in the first world. Tired of watching the pathetic condition of her family, she mistakenly used her last wish to go back to earth.  She however realized that all her close relatives, friends and siblings were in an unconscious state in the first world. Her troubles therefore followed her even to that end and she had to live the lonely life all by herself since the wishes that had been fulfilled could not be reverted. From her story, there is one vital lesson; time is precious and every gone second cannot be recovered. Neither can the memories experienced be relived. Before you get to this point, it is wise that you spend effectively the time that you have at present. 


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