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Major Issue In Germany Presentation


Major Issue Present In Germany Presentation




Germany is one of the developed nations in the world. However, the country is faced with several political, economic and social issues just like other developed countries in the world. The most significant issue that Germany is facing is the reunification issue under the social sphere that is affecting many sectors (Cramer and Michael, 2008).


Investigation Of Issue

The issue presents itself where the West German appears to be more advanced in the standard of living while the Eastern German is lagging behind in key development areas. For instance, a look at the rate of employment for the past 50 years, the East German has high unemployment rates while the West German the unemployment rate is much lower.


The Major Players Involved

The problem experienced by the East German can be traced from the Soviets who took over the region. The Soviets allowed a large amount of cash to flow out of the region through the Eastern side (Sebasteyen and Victor, 2009). As a result, the Eastern continues being impeded from becoming modernized which has led to the low standard of living. The government has taken precautionary measures in unifying the Eastern and the Western German by bring the two region at par.


Implemented Solutions

In unifying the two regions, the government in conjunction with other organizations such as Security and Cooperation Organization are making sure that people on either side have similar rights. Moreover, there have been attempts at creating gun control in both regions to some extent have brought some level of unification.



In order to make sure that the two sides are completely brought together, the following should be undertaken:

•Developing post-conflict rehabilitation mechanisms- The main aim of this is to resolve the differences that existed during the time in history together with current stalemates.
•Provision of equal opportunities- Both sides should have an equal development of infrastructure; Eastern natives should have the equal chances in employment like people from the Western Germany.

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