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Revision Policy

Our company would like for the students who use our services should genuinely be happy with the content that they received. This is why Lord Of Papers has put in place a revisions policy, which allows you to have the assignment changed in the off chance that our writers did not follow your guidelines exactly. If our writers or editors made any mistake, we believe that it should be their responsibility to fix them. The best part of our policy on revisions is that if our writers are at fault, these revisions are done for free!

Most of the time, students who ask for revisions do so as soon as they receive their copy of their assignment. When you receive a final draft of your assignment, there is an immediate option to resubmit your content for revisions but, if you have approved your paper and would like revisions at a later time, we will still accept you revisions for a small fee! If you would like to submit your assignment for revisions after you have downloaded your paper, it must be within the 5 to the 7-day period after accepting your paper. In this 5-7 day period, you may resubmit your paper at any time, just be aware that this may affect your papers due date. When you arrive at the revisions request landing page, please send us a brief message including the areas that you are unhappy with, if you have found grammatical or spelling errors, and how the writer did not follow your instructions. If you have any questions about our revisions request policy, please contact our 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week customer service center to be connected with a representative!

Most likely your revision can be completed for no extra charge to you! There are many reasons that Lord Of Papers would offer free revision. Reasons that your revision would be on our dollar include the writer assigned to your task not following your instructions exactly, the presence of spelling and grammatical errors, your writer using a format of citation that was not what your paper required, or that you assignment did not contain a title page or other necessary page.  If your revision is due to any of these, your request for a revision will be given the O.K., your paper will be assigned to a writer, and you will be sent a message stating your paper's revisions have been started by one of our writers and that your paper will be given a review by a top-notch editor before it leaves our company again (this message will also contain an approximate time of completion)

We would like for each of our students to get the most out of our company as possible, this is why Lord Of Papers offers so many different services and free revisions. There are times that we cannot offer free revisions, in many of these cases it is because the student forgot to include a small piece of information in their instructions. In these cases we will do everything that we can to make your paper exactly the way that you wanted it but, we will have to charge a fee. Lord Of Papers will only charge you an additional fee if our writers and editors were at fault. We will do everything in our power to charge you the smallest dollar amount in fees because unlike most of our competition, we would love for you to return to us!

Submitting a request for a revision should be done in a timely matter. There are many negative consequences that can come from the delay of revision request.


What can happen if you do not make a request for revisions on your paper in a timely fashion?

  • One negative effect of requesting revisions late is that your paper may ineligible for revisions if it is outside of the period that it is still able to be revised.
  • The quality of your content may change drastically if a new writer has to be assigned to your paper! Your new writer will be feeling rushed to have your paper completed by its due date.
  • Another consequence that can come from turning in your revision request late is that the due date of your paper maybe changed. If your paper is resubmitted immediatly after you received it, the due date will often remain unchanged!

Our constantly available team of customer support associates can handle any charges that you wish to dispute. They are around specifically to help you! The representative you are connected to will shed light on any charges that you do not understand. In most cases, many people are offered discounts on the next time they use Lord Of Papers services! If you have any questions that are unanswered here, please contact our customer service center anytime!

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