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Resumes Writing

What does it take to write a great resume?

Depending on who you ask, and the length of time since they last looked for a job, the answer to this question will vary greatly. In addition to this, a person in charge of hiring, might also have a few opinions of their own. The truth is this; there are no hard and fast rules about writing the ideal resume beyond these few guidelines:

  • Use a professional looking font
  • If you print your resume do not skimp on high quality stationary
  • Always include an objective or branding statement
  • Don’t lie
  • Address your resume to the person that you would like to read it.

Everything else is up in the air. You may be told that you must include all jobs, or you may be told to only include your most recent jobs. Some people may advise you to trim your resume down to just one page. Others may tell you to use as many pages as needed. If you are looking for a job, you will probably also be given guidelines about how to include references.

So, is this advice write or wrong? The answer to that is that it depends. A resume sent to a large corporation needs to look differently than a resume sent to a small business. The length and layout of a resume an also be influenced by the type of business, and the products or services that have been offered.

Many people find this confusing and it is. Fortunately the writers at can write your resume for any career field. 

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