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Resumes/CVs Service

It is our distinct pleasure to announce that our writing services no include help for job seekers. The majority of these services are going to include help those looking for a job write and edit their resumes or CV documents. Many people may wonder why somebody would need professional resume and CV services. Truthfully the need for our services is very strong. Here are some reasons why somebody might need resume and CV services:

  • When it comes to employer requirements for resumes, things are becoming more complex – knows the fonts, document types, and keywords that help resumes get through the screening process.
  • We know how to streamline a resume to an ideal 1 to 2 pages
  • We know how to best explain gaps in employment, lay-offs, and terminations
  • We can customize your resume to focus on skills if that is your strong point, or we can customize your resume to focus on experience.
  • We can help recent graduates write resumes that will earn them entry level positions
  • We can also help displaced executives find jobs without hearing the dreaded term. Over qualified.
  • We can help graduate students secure positions as instructors and or researchers when we write or rewrite their CVs.

If you are looking for a job and suspect that your CV or resume might be having a negative impact on your job search, please contact We will be happy to review and edit your resume or any related job-seeking documents until you have secured a job that you love. 

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