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Researching Problems

It is difficult for students in other major fields of study to understand how someone can pose a research question for research, conduct that research and not come up with an answer to the research question, a least in part. In mathematics, problem research does not work his way. Generally, there is a problem on which many other researchers have worked and which there may not be a found solution. The purpose of the student’s research is to build on the former research to come up with other possible solutions, none of which may ultimately work. But, at least the current student has contributed to the work, if only to demonstrate solutions that will not work, and that is what is important.

When It Becomes a Struggle

Math research is not an easy endeavor, and grad students engaged in it will easily admit that it involves a huge about of review of the literature of those who came before them and then attempting to build on that research to pose potential new solutions, even if they ultimately fail. Often, the student researcher experience a “brain block” and needs some help in moving forward. That’s what mathematicians are here for – to take a look at the research question and to provide solution options that might be explored and assist in following through on those solution options.

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