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At, our proofreading services can be a lot more help than those programs that come with your word processing software, or that you download from the internet. These programs are not to be trusted because proper grammar comes from the context of the paper and not from the rules of grammar itself. If you allow yourself to obey absentmindedly the rules that grammar and spelling check have programmed than the 'problems' that are, acceptable usage will be fixed.

This is why, instead of using these programs, you should consider using a proofreading service such as ours!

Many people believe that grammar shouldn't count. However, it does. If you are writing any paper, such as research, term, or essay, then it is expected of you always to use proper grammar as well as mechanics. You cannot deny these facts, so just go with the flow. Everyone needs a proofreader to ensure that their papers are in top shape.

Sometimes the pickiest teachers can help you become the best writers!

One of the conflicts that occur between students and instructors is the question 'Is it appropriate or not to use spelling or grammar issues to impact grades?'. Many students feel that as long as they work hard to write, whether it is a lab report or book review, which the grade should only be based on the knowledge they have accumulated in the paper and not on the grammar. Despite the good points in this argument, it is ultimately up to the instructors standards.

Think of using our proofreading services to further your education!

If that lab report, book report, or research summary is supposed to represent your knowledge in a class that does not focus on writing than your instructor might decide to make proper language use a portion of your possible grade. If so you can either fight it or accept it as an opportunity to learn. And there's no better way to learn than by using as your proofreading resource!

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