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Press Releases

A piece of press releasing writing can be one of the most efficient ways to alert your consumers of an event that your company is involved in. In many cases, this could be your town having a parade for a holiday or your local grocery store having a short, extreme sale. This could even be for a store announcing a new line of products being carried or an improved website or system of ordering. A press release can also be used to release unfortunate news in a controlled manner. No matter what your specific reason for your press release writing, our team or writers and editors at are ready to tackle it and handle it for you!

As the busy owner of a growing business, you probably have minimal time to write a press release yourself, and not enough money to hire writing staff. That is why we here at are committed to creating excellent and original content for you! We will assess whether or not a press release is the right type of writing for you as many people often confuse it with a regular informative piece of writing on their company. Don’t trust other writing services with your needs! Stick with us, we are the best! Our team of writers is waiting to assist you in writing a professional and attention grabbing press release.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our customer service department. If you would like to place an order or look at a few samples, please go to

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