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Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple-Choice Tests (Timed or Un-Timed)

Professors love multiple-choice and true-false tests, and they love having a course portal into which they can be uploaded for students to take. Why? Because they are automatically graded as they are taken, and that’s a huge time savings. For the students who gets anxious about these types of tests, particularly when they are timed, however, the thought of taking them results in rapid heartbeats, sweat, and the knowledge that their grades will probably suffer.

Does It Seem Unfair?

For students with test anxiety, excellent content knowledge will never show up on tests, and we at believe that is unfair. So we have implemented a great solution – students can now order test-taking as an additional service. Here’s how it works:

  1. You place an order on our site for test-taking in a specific subject. You will, of course, need to indicate whether it is timed or untimed in your order details, along with the length of the test. These things determine pricing.
  2. You get an expert in the subject field as your test-taker. You provide further details to your expert, such as the specific topics to be covered, the time frame within which the test must be taken, and, of course you logon information.
  3. The test is taken, you get a good grade, and your grade is saved!
  4. Our research and writing staff is composed of highly honest and principled individuals, and no one’s logon information has ever been compromised. However, it this concerns you, we suggest that you change your password once the test has been completed.

You may order up a test-taker in any subject!

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