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Almost every author, famous or not, have an editor to catch mistakes on their writing. The reason behind this is because it's difficult for anyone to catch their own mistakes. Unfortunately for many editing is both one of the most exhausting and boring of all of the necessary processes.

Editing their own research, reaction paper, or even book reviews is a big problem for a writer because they always miss a few of the issues. The reason for this is that the writer can easily see what they are trying to say, however it is not necessarily understandable by everyone. To put into simpler terms, the writing can easily understand a passage that may be confusing to the readers, make things to wordy, or perhaps misuse words and use inconsistencies that make the passage confusing for the reader. The author could also read over any of their technical errors such as misspelling, issues in grammar, as well as phrasing items in a poor manner. All of this could be counted against you, and even more complex assignments can use the benefits of being reviewed by an editor.

Why risk taking a shaved grade?

Now what is grade shaving? To put into simple terms as a writer turns in an assignment such as a book report or movie review, the grade they get will be mostly based on how accurate the content is. However it should always be taken in to consideration that this is not the only factor into your final grade. Punctuation, and awkward sentences might cause your professor to 'shave' any points off of your final grade. Shaving can happen with any assignment, teachers can remove, or shave, points from annotations as well as any other assignment. Grade shaving can and will hurt your grade.

Now that you've written it please allow us to edit it. Here at our team of staff will gladly review your written work for any errors. As a bonus we will fix and rewrite those errors for you, in order to guarantee that your paper will be in top shape for your instructor. We make sure that our easy to fill out form will make it so that you are able to send it in along with your paper within a few minutes.

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