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Dissertation/Thesis Proposals

Getting that dissertation or thesis proposals approved can be a pretty tough– you either don’t have enough detail, haven’t covered all of the required aspects, or your advisor/committee wants things re-organized. Get some exceptional help from the beginning, and you’ll sail right through!

The Dissertation/Thesis Proposal – Approval with the First Submission

Most dissertation and thesis proposals will not be approved the first time they are presented. There just seems to be some unwritten rule of advisors and committee members to want some revisions. This can certainly be irritating to say the least and perhaps anger-producing as well. You can avoid all of this if you carefully study your departmental guidelines, consult with your advisor often, and perhaps most important, get some professional help before you ever submit it for approval.

You know that your proposal has to include the following:

  1. Statement of your research question
  2. A short summary of the research you have conducted so far
  3. Your objectives for the project
  4. How important you believe your research will be
  5. How you intend to conduct your research
  6. Some rough timeline for completing each section

Any of these items may bring suggestions for changes on the part of an advisor or committee, so your proposal must literally “cover all of the bases” and do so in a scholarly composition style.

Don’t Take Chances

You don’t have to go in with a proposal about which you have any doubts. You can come to and obtain a Ph.D. specialist who will look through your department’s specifications, review what you have written and make suggestions that will put the “polish” on the piece that will impress those who must approve. Even if you have not yet begun to write the proposal, your personal mentor will be happy to take your details and produce one that you will be proud to submit.

You do not have to “go this alone.” Get the kind of help that will get that proposal through the first time – let be your “back seat driver..”

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