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Dissertation - Results Chapter

Dissertation Chapter – Results

Your results chapter is the most critical one of your entire work. It will take math, great writing, and terrific graphics. If you do not correctly and expertly demonstrate that your research has contributed something significant you and just about “hang it all up.” You committee will go through this chapter word for word, will study every detail of every chart, graph, or other graphic you have included, and it will want to see that you have actually proved a statistical significance. You know you have, but you have to convince them, and that will take masterful math analysis, excellent prose writing, and perfectly appointed graphics.

If Your Confidence is Waning

If you have any question about your ability to produce a stunning results chapter, you should not hesitate to get the help that you need. And has that help right now. While most writing services cannot offer assistance with dissertations, because they do not have the proper academic staff, we gladly take on any work related to dissertations. We have exactly what you are looking for:

  1. A Ph.D. in your academic discipline who can take your data, select the correct formulae to run those numbers, and prepare the charts and graphs that will show it clearly. Further, s/he has years of experience helping other students with prose explanations and can produce yours as well.
  2. And if you have already written your rough draft of your results chapter, you mentor can review it for structure, coherence, accuracy of statistical computations, etc., making suggestions for revision that will enhance the entire piece.

Your results chapter requires you to wear many hats. Let us put some of them on our heads!

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