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Dissertation - Methodology Chapter

Your methodology chapter is the core of your project. Here you implement the methods you have designed, using the instruments you created. Most students love this part of the project because they are gathering the raw data that is going to drive the rest of the work. So, this chapter will include:

  1. A good explanation of the methodology you chose and why it was the correct methodology for the data you need to gather.
  2. Describe and include the instruments you are using
  3. Report the data that was gathered in an organized and scholarly fashion

This is fun but beware of the pitfalls – organizing and presenting that data.

Problems You May Encounter

  1. You may, through the implementation of your methodology, actually gathered extemporaneous data that has nothing to do with your research question. You will not want to include this data, although you may need to mention it as a “nuisance factor.”
  2. You will have to present your data in two ways – as a prose explanation and in graphical form. If you have concerns about your abilities in either of these areas, then you are smart to get yourself someone who has vast experience with these tasks – one who has constructed methodology chapters in your field. Such a someone can be found at, and you can get immediate access to the individual with just a few simple steps:
  • Access our order form and tell us what you need
  • Wait a very short time for notification that your consultant is ready
  • Go to your personal account, contact your consultant, and upload all of your methods, instruments and data. Let him/her prepare a perfect methodology chapter for you, complete with the charts and graphs that will provide a perfect depiction of your data.
  • Your personal information is completely protected, so no one will ever know that you received some help. And you will have a methodology chapter that will impress anyone!

Don’t let your hard work fail to shine, simply because it was not presented as exceptionally as possible!

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