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Dissertation - Literature Reviews Chapter

Dissertation – Literature Reviews Chapter

Welcome to the most boring part of your dissertation – the literature review. While it is not particularly fun to read about all of the research that others have done related to your topic, it is essential, and you must do it well. This is the chapter that will provide summaries of all of the research that relates to your question. It would be nice if you could just read the abstracts and the discussion chapters, but, unfortunately, there are just no shortcuts.

Actually, There is One Shortcut

On way to streamline the literature review process is to get a Ph.D. researcher from S/he has access to ProQuest, can probably find the relevant literature faster than you can, and can then either turn that literature over to you or prepare the entire chapter, making certain to relate all the summarized research to your question. All you have to provide is your research question and your proposal, and let this expert go to work. It is quite possible that this disciplinary field expert has already read much of the research that should be included in your chapter anyway.

Here’s All You Have to Do

Place an order on the website for your literature review. Upload your proposal and your research question. We will find you curricular Ph.D. and let him/her get to work. You will need to specify whether you want just a list of literature works to be found and provided to you, whether you want the literature completely written, or if you want something in between. You’ll have access to your writer the whole way through, so nothing is left to chance. The service is completely confidential and you choose the deadline. 

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