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Dissertation - Introductions Chapter

Dissertation Chapter – The Introduction

Would probably not surprise anyone to learn that most authors write their introductions to their books lat. Why? Because after the entire piece is finished, and they have taken the reader exactly where they want to, they then know how to prepare an introduction that entices the reader to move forward and read the entire piece. That is exactly what you want to do with your dissertation introduction. So save it for last, please.

Unlike an introduction to a book, however, the dissertation must contain some very important information:

  1. You must clearly and succinctly identify and explain your research question
  2. You must speak to the importance of your research question, so that the reader is engaged
  3. You might make brief reference to your methodology, because that will also pique the interest of a reader who will want to see what data was collected.
  4. You should also mention the outcomes you hope to see from your research, without giving anything away, of course

Because the introduction is so important, many students struggle with its organization and the writing style that should be used – scholarly but also compelling. Getting this balance I often tough, so a smart option is often to get someone who has written such introductions before and who knows how to “capture” an audience. Such a person is available to you at – a Ph.D. in your academic discipline who can review your introduction and make important suggestions for change, or, if you wish, write that introduction for you.

You will not know how much help your personal mentor can be until you give him/her a try. We guarantee you will be happy that you did. Contact us, and get started!


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