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Dissertation - Discussion Chapter

Dissertation – Discussion/Conclusion Chapter 

You have 4 objectives for your discussion chapter:

  1. Interpret the significance of your data and its analysis
  2. Give a definitive answer to your original research question
  3. Point to the importance of what you have demonstrated through your research
  4. Give an honest evaluation of your work, identify any constraints, and point others in directions for additional research that will enhance and add to what you have done.

It is important to remember, as you write this chapter, that, while you may have gotten some results that did not directly relate to your research question, those results should not be included in your discussion, except to perhaps mention them as nuisance factors. The only discussion have are of those results that answer your question.

Most Common Problem

The most common issue students have with this chapter is that it can become a bit of an organizational nightmare, as you may be referring to things back in your literature review, to things in your introduction, etc. Even making an outline for it can be difficult – there is just so much you want to say. You will need to be certain that you cover only one point at a time and that you have smooth and effective transitions from one point to the next. This will require some great prose writing, and you may feel somewhat inadequate as you delve into the writing.

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