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Dissertation - Abstract Chapter

The Dissertation Abstract – Common Problems

The biggest problem dissertation producers have when writing their abstracts is to reduce that huge amount of research and writing to a one-page summary. How do you put over a year’s worth of work into just 250-275 words? It is really difficult, especially when you have to include:

  1. Your research question, stated in a scholarly tone
  2. A decent summary of your methodology and results
  3. Comments on any constraints that future researchers might want to look at
  4. Suggestions for others as they look at similar research questions

Many students state that they write up to 20 drafts before finally getting one that “feels” right and worthy of publication.  And they understand the importance of the abstract, because those who do take up similar research should be prompted to review and study the entire dissertation, if they are pursuing related research. That abstract must be clear, succinct, and as well, compelling and engaging – a pretty tall order.

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