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The curriculum vitae is a document, similar to a resume that is used by those seeking employment in academic fields. A person’s CV can also be used to gain positions in research and other academic opportunities. However, while a resume of the most seasoned professional is usually only a few pages long, the CV of a tenured professor might be more than twenty pages in length. A well-written CV makes all the difference in the world when it comes to seeking a job in academia. Unfortunately, a poorly-written CV can cause a job-seeker to lose an out on an opportunity before they’ve had the chance to shine in an interview.

Getting CV Writing Help

New and upcoming college graduates often have a difficult time determining what they should include in their CV. It is this struggle that often leads them to contact Lord of Papers for assistance. Of course, it is our pleasure to offer that assistance. When a student comes to us for help writing their CV, the first thing their consultant will want to do is discuss their academic experiences. This includes their degrees, plans for future education, experience as a teacher’s assistant, honors received, internships and work-study position, participation in research projects, and any published works. This is what will become the backbone of the CV. Once that information is gathered, the consultant will begin creating the CV.

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