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Critiquing Articles

It’s complicated, a multiple step process, it involves reading the item in question multiple times, these are just few facts about writing an article critique. During your first time reading through you may focus mainly on the graphic elements, headings or subheadings, any pictures included, bulleted lists, and anything else that break the paper up in order to make it easier to read. The second reading is usually more intensive as this is where most people will take notes, check the facts, and start forming their critique. The third, and sometimes fourth reading is done in order to clarify the writer’s style as well as point of view. Any critique on an article will be expected to address the following:

  • Is there any important information missing?
  • Did the author give information in a thorough, yet brief manner?
  • Do the graphical elements (if any are used) help to enhance the readers understanding on the subject?
  • Has the author sourced any reputable sources he or she used?
  • Have and of the proper acknowledgements regarding and bias or conflict of interest been made?

The steps we have discussed so far only cover the part of writing that analyzes the article. The critique must be written even after this part of the work is finished. If this sounds frustrating to you than you are not alone. You may be one of the many students that approach us for help in writing article critiques.

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