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Cover Letters Assistance

Are you having trouble with your cover letter? Are you unable to motivate yourself to write it because it seems to be unimportant? Don’t be mistaken, your cover letter is extremely important. If you are having difficulty finding the time write, or are unsure of what to say, then you might consider having us at write it for you! The cover letter is one of the very first things your potential employer will see, and if it doesn't wow them they probably won't give your resume the time of day.

Now, why is your cover letter so important?

  • First off it is your introduction to your potential employers; you always want your first impression to be a good one.
  • If you impress them with your cover letter, then it is more likely that they will be more than eager look at your resume.
  • If you fail to impress them with your cover letter, or worse fail to include one. Then your resume is more than likely going to end up in the offices recycling bin.

I'm not sure how to write a great cover letter, are there certain steps I should follow?

Writing a cover letter is much like writing your resume

  • It must be detailed to match the needs of each employer. No two should receive the same cover letter or resume.
  • Always specifically address the person who is going to read it.
  • Make sure you know what to save for your resume, and what you can go ahead and put into the cover letter.
  • Finally, consider how you write the cover letter. Sometimes it is alright if you sound more casual in the writing of one letter, but it may not be okay for another.

How do you make sure that your cover letter is perfect? By using a professional writing service! At, we will be happy to write each of your customized cover letters.

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