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Book Reviews

"What exactly is a book review assignment and is it similar to a book report?" are common questions that many students ask themselves when they are assigned to write one. A book review is not the same concept as a book report. A book review is more of an opinionated piece of work compared to a book report, which is more analytical. While a book review is more opinionated writing than a report, those opinions must be backed up by fact.

Things that your book review must cover:

  • One of your overall topics to be covered throughout the assignment should be trying to figure out what the author was trying to express throughout the book or novel. Then, explain whether or not you believe the author was able to convey those expressions.
  • Examine some issues or things that you loved or hated about their work, not only the story line, plot, and characters but, also the artists writing styles and the references used throughout the book.
  • Overall, determine whether or not you believe that they were successful in conveying the emotions and information that they intended.

When you receive an assignment to write a book review, there are a few things that you cannot control. You may not be able to decide the genre of book you are going to review. You certainly may not be able to select a specific title. However, you do have some control. You can decide on the help you7 will receive on any book review assignment. You can decide to place an order with for help with your book review assignment. 

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