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8 Steps Become a Time Management Machine in 2 Weeks

November 03, 2015 - Posted toStudying

Content 8 steps become a time management machine in 2 weeks

8 Steps Become a Time Management Machine in 2 Weeks

Having grade A level time management skills puts you ahead of the pack at work and in your personal life. You will accomplish more in a day than the average person, and you will get things done without sacrificing quality. You can use the time you save to further your education, spend time with family, or pursue your own interests. The better your time management skills are, the more likely you will be put in the running for promotions as well. Some people believe that it takes years to learn time management. It doesn't. Just follow these 8 steps and you will be a time management machine within 14 days.

  1. Pick Things That You are Willing to Sacrifice

If you want to become an efficient, time managing machine, you have to cut the fat. Any activity that isn't essential, beneficial, or truly enjoyable to you is eligible for the chopping block. You want to spend as much of your day being as productive as possible. This means giving up time wasting activities at home and at work, and delegating tasks that can be easily performed by others.

  1. Every Night Before You go to Bed Create a Plan for The Next Day

This is more than a simple to do list. This is a master plan that is going to outline what you will accomplish, and how your day will flow. Yes, there will be things that happen to throw you off schedule, but you will be more driven to get things done if you have mapped out a plan that you can start working through in the morning.

  1. Wake up at The Same Time Every Morning

Your body clock needs to be on an even keel. Sleeping in by just an hour or two throws of your circadian rhythms and makes you sluggish and less efficient. In addition to this, if you make a commitment to get up at the same time every day, and you make it happen, you have already started the day on a positive note.

  1. Learn to Say No

Saying no when others make requests of you isn't rude. It is a perfectly acceptable way to communicate that you are unwilling to take on somebody else's responsibilities. In fact, it has been shown that people who regularly 'cover for' other people on the job, don't gain any benefit from doing so. They aren't considered to be better at their job, and they aren't viewed with any more respect.

  1. Break Your Large Tasks into Smaller Chunks

If a task is going to take more than two hours to accomplish, consider using the Pomodoro method to get through it. This is working in 25 minute periods of time and then taking 5 minute rest breaks in between each work session. You will find that you get more done in less time if you utilize this  method. Pomodoro timers can be ordered online, or you can use a time management app that is based on this method.

  1. Keep a Journal and Log the Times of Day You Feel the Most Energized

Try to find patterns in you energy levels. If you can figure out your  high energy hours, you can plan to put a super charged effort into getting a lot done during those times. Then, you can save easier tasks for the times when your energy is drained. You may also wish to log the tasks you are performing right before you feel energized and right before you feel the least amount of energy. It may help you to figure out which activities stimulate you, and which ones wear you down. Then, you can make adjustments accordingly.

  1. Take up a Physical Activity that Increases Endurance

Cycling, cross country skiing, lap swimming, running, walking, and hiking are three examples of physical activities that build up endurance. You'll expend a lot of energy learning to be so efficient, and you will need a lot of stamina.

  1. Use Your Commute Productively

If you take public transportation, this is a great time to hop on your phone and catch up on your reading. Check the news, stock prices, read any industry related articles that have been shared with you, go over your social media accounts and those owned by your company. Then, check your schedule for the day. This way when you step into your office, you can hit the ground running.

  1. Organize Your Work Area

Fumbling around and looking for things that have been misplaced is a waste of time. Organize your work area and keep it clean so that you know where everything is. Better yet, take advantage of technology, and go paperless. There are apps that allow you to store notes and to do lists, manage projects, track expenses, and even scan and store documents.


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