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5 College Paper Writing Hacks That Every Student Should Know

May 24, 2016 - Posted toWriting Tips

Content 5 college paper writing hacks that every student should know  2

Writing has never been an easy task. Especially when your academic future is at stake. The stake is high, the pressure is high, the stress is high, and it all depends on your ability to get together, focus and write the best paper of your life. This is not only easy to say, but also easy to do.

The first thing to remember is never to succumb to the temptation of taking essays from the Internet. We live in the world of technology, and if it's easy for you to take something from the Internet, it's also easy for your college admission experts to run it through plagiarism checkers.

You want to get it perfect, and you are afraid that using your thoughts and your knowledge will not be enough. You should know that teachers appreciate when a student shows that he or she has done extensive research on a paper and that all the information found has been processed through his own mind. What this means is that you have the ability to write an excellent article by expressing your point of view and not the others' perspectives.

Here are some other paper writing hacks that can help you write college papers that stand out and improve your writing skills.

1. Understand what you have to write about

Writing about the Civil War when you are asked to write about your experience as a student, will not get you far. Answer the question "What is this paper about?" and you will avoid a common mistake made by students. Make sure you understand what the examiner wants. It might seem obvious to you, but sometimes a well-asked question can help a lot.

2. Ask for help

If your school has a writing center, go there and ask for the help of knowledgeable people who can give you some relevant information for your paper. Whether it is getting the answers to some questions you have or having someone to look over your paper before submitting it, the writing center is a valuable resource you should use. College freshmen, in particular, could use this kind of help.

You can also consult experts on the Internet. It is so easy to find specialists in the field you are writing. Simply look for their email address, explain your project and ask them several questions that will help you with your paper. The worst that can happen is that they will ignore your email. It would be better for you to send an email to several people for backup. Having your argument backed up by a leadership guru, a renowned professor or a Nobel laureate shows that you are really interested in the subject, and you have some valuable ideas.

3. Have a point

Don't beat around the bush. Nobody has the time or patience to read a paper that has no sense. Begin with a point in mind and stick to it, following it through to a firm conclusion. To make it easier for you, write about something you are passionate about. Make a connection between the class you are taking, your educational goals and career aspirations. By using yourself as a source, it will be easier for you to keep engaged in the act of writing.

4. Who are you writing for?

Never write only for your examiner or professor. Write as if you were explaining the paper to a family member, friend or as if your work would be published in the Time Magazine. Always ask yourself if your audience would understand what you are writing and if they would get something useful and meaningful out of it. Writing only for your professor is the shortest path to dull, stuffy writing that will not get you the results you are expecting.

5. Things that can reduce the stress by half

  • You already know what your teacher/examiner wants and you have an idea of what you want to write about. You should also create an outline of your paper knowing exactly what you will write in each paragraph. Don’t start with the introduction. It's really hard to make an introduction for an article that does not exist.
  • Ask the experts whom you have sent emails to if you can quote them in your paper. Before and after each quote, write something about that person and tell people why they should care about what he or she is saying.
  • Try to add something new to your conclusion. Don’t just state the facts that are already explained in the article. For example, you could try to demonstrate why an argument is particularly strong.

There are no golden rules for writing an essay, but these paper writing hacks can help you. Remember that you are not going to write college papers for the rest of your life. It's one shot, and you have to make it perfect. Try not to see this task as a traumatizing experience, as something that will change everything from now on. If you write about something that interests and fascinates you, this will influence the outcome of your paper and the entire writing process.


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