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Unusual and Cool Party Ideas for Celebrating Independence Day

June 27, 2016 - Posted toStudying

Content unusual and cool party ideas for celebrating independence day

Toga, Toga, Toga …

4th July - what an excuse for a party! This annual American celebration of The Declaration of Independence in 1776 is celebrated in some traditional ways - with fireworks and parades and all the usual shenanigans …

What we want to look at here, though, are some ideas for some unusual and cool ideas for celebrating Independence Day that a college freshman wants to know.

Get Into The Groove …

One of the aspects of 4th July that gets everyone into a party mood is the music. These days with the ability to download music and file the tracks into “playlists” it is possible to play every single Independence Day piece of music ever recorded!

There is even an interactive map showing which 4th July favorites are the most popular in each State based on last year’s requests and downloads - see the map here …

As you can see, the variation is quite amazing and covers every decade and type of song possible. If you have the whole family around there would certainly be something for everyone to sing along to.

A great idea is to have a kind of Karaoke competition with the youngsters singing the older songs and the elders of the family singing the most modern ones!

Another way of exploring this, if you have musicians is to get people playing - not only the songs that they don’t know that well - but the instruments that they don’t normally play.

Who Are You Then?

Fancy dress parties have always been a favorite, but these have now been upgraded. The new black is a “Cosplay” party. These are more than just fancy dress - Cosplay is a kind of homage to characters from film, television, Japanese Manga and video game characters, and those from books - the participants try to dress, and act, as closely to the original characters as possible - hence the abbreviation of “costume play.”

The most popular characters are from the Marvel comics - superheroes and villains - and all kinds of outlandish characters from Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter and Game Of Thrones.

There are whole websites which are devoted to the trend, and these have different sections on characters, news of events and meetings, costume hire and ideas for making your own outfits - as well as loads of inspirational photographs.

If all else fails, you can always revert to a toga party!

Bon Appetite …

Another perennial preference for any July 4th celebration, is, of course, eating! Industrial quantities of burgers and beer are consumed, along with apple pie, too.

So; how about a change this year and making meals which originate in different States and, which you and yours perhaps, wouldn’t normally try.

The list is as tasty as it is endless; from clam chowder in New England, and New York strip steak and cheesecake, through to Cajun shrimp gumbo, and mixed beef and chicken fajitas or chili con carne, along the Mexican border areas.

All these can be as much fun to make, as they can to eat, and the whole family, or a bunch of friends getting together to make them can be a great way to start a fantastic couple of days of holiday time.

Desserts and sweets are the best things to do, though - everyone loves a naughty treat, and somehow red, white, and blue lend themselves to cakes, icing, lollies, and hundreds of other food ideas too numerous to mention.

Cooking, and sharing different recipes and techniques is sometimes even more hilarious than the rest of the party - especially after a few glasses of wine!

Kids, too, can have great fun, preparing not just food, but decorations in both the house and the garden. Kids love to paint and to give them the raw material to cover everything with the Star Spangled Banner - or just red, white and blue paint, generally, will keep them amused for hours.

It’s All A Game To Them …

No 4th July would be complete without some good old party games.

One of those which is the most fun is “Patriotic Baseball.” Here red, white and blue balloons are filled with water. The players use a wiffleball bat to strike with and the water filled balloons are pitched to them. The balloons burst and soak the player, (and probably those around him or her) and that is the signal for them to run and get to the home plate while the others try and “tag” them.

Another game is that of “Treasure or Scavenger Hunt.” Here, you can bury coins, American flags, and other things in a garden or park area. With every item is a task - do a lap of the park - do ten sit-ups - that kind of thing. You could even add a quiz type theme where they have to count the number of insects they see or name the tree in front of them - the player with the most points winning a prize of something.

So; we hope that we have given you some great ideas to help your 4th July celebrations go with a bang - Oh - fireworks! Forgot! Watch this space next year ….


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