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12 Highly Educated Celebrities That Will Make You Study

June 06, 2016 - Posted toWriting Tips

Content 12 highly educated celebrities that will make you study

12 Highly Educated Celebrities That Will Make You Study

Do you wonder if school is really worth it? We are sure that it will make you want to obtain higher education and get that degree! Guess, who’s into English, Literature and writing? Not sure if you are, but the celebrities seem to enjoy studying this fields. Let us check out those having all the chances or yet proved to be the most professional paper writer. Yet, don’t cross out our writers from this list just because they don’t bear the celebrity status but are awesome at what they do.

Speaking about highly educated celebrities, we would like to give it a turn to what we’ve discovered surprising and let’s say – unexpected. Remember the on-screen English comedian Mr. Bean? We’d imagine him anything but wearing a felt cap and pleated gown. Not really. His personality on-screen is famous for high curiosity but not the high intellectual abilities. To be honest they are rather doubtful. However, don’t get fooled by this. Keep in mind the fact that often a sense of humor goes hand-in-hand with an outstanding intellectual markers. Comparing the actor, whose name is Rowan Atkinson, which is less famous, than his on-screen personality Mr. Bean, Rowan graduated from Oxford University with a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering.

While other actors demonstrate their intellectual faculties on-screen. Such profile can be easily traced throughout the career of one of the smartest Hollywood actresses Natalie Portman. She had graduated from Harvard and got a Master’s degree in Psychology. Moreover, Natalie finished Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Columbia University, where she had studied a course in Terrorism. Natalie’s education largely influences her choice of the roles she takes up.

Another actress has managed to mix both comedy and intellect to display. People who grew up watching television in the nineties remember Mayim Bialik as the creative and sunny Blossom Russo. Today, she plays a Neuroscientist on the hit show The Big Bang Theory. Here’s an awesome coincidence. Mayim herself is actually a neuroscientist who earned her doctorate in the subject at UCLA. She also has a degree in Jewish Studies.

Not only actors and artists are highly educated, so are the sportsmen. Professional golf-player Tiger Woods is also professional when it comes to Economics. He graduated from Stanford University before he became a high paid athlete.

Going back to the filmmaking there are still many worth mentioning. If we speak in terms the outstanding achievements at education, another person with long history is Oscar-winning Meryl Streep. The on-screen Margaret Thatcher has a degree in Drama and English from Vassar College where she yet decided to deepen into the Drama with the help of professors at Yale School of Drama and the Dartmouth College.

James Franco has a long acting career that began with Freaks and Geeks in the nineties and has expanded to include multiple movies and television shows. He was even nominated for the Academy Award. He has an MFA in creative writing, and has studied filmmaking and poetry at NYU.

Now promoting women rights, Emma Watson who halted her career to dedicate her efforts as the UN Ambassador has been a student to Brown University and Worcester College of Oxford. Same domain as Emma’s – the English Literature, was the preference that Jodie Foster (Ph.D. at Yale) and David Duchovny (M.A. at Yale) followed. History is another popular choice for studying Humanities for Amanda Peet (classes at Columbia University), Conan O’Brien (B.A. at Harvard University) and Edward Norton (B.A. at Yale University).

The celebrities, including the ones mentioned above, despite being extremely busy still have time for significant accomplishments and they don’t regret it. Apparently, that takes good time management skills. First one to be mentioned out of the skills that would grant success to a future graduate. Among the important personal qualities such as discipline and persistence, which can be developed in everybody with a bit effort despite the “natural” laziness. Important faculty to take care of is writing. You can take specific courses at academic writing, or if you feel the need in just a little bit of help at composing there are plenty of hacks for writing college papers and guides that are available online, including our service.

It don’t matter what you decide that you are to do after graduating from high-school, be it getting a job or travelling, just remember that help is available to students in so many ways. Moreover, college is fun and leaves you with the one of the best memories ever.


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