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Annotated Bibliographies

Many students are often confused about what the differences are between an annotated bibliography and a regular bibliography. In an annotated bibliography, you can find all of the information that would be in a regular bibliography, but it also includes additional information. This additional information is essentially a brief summary of the reference source.

Your summary of the source is to include

  • Your judgement on how helpful the source was for you during the writing process.
  • How and where the source was used in your assignment.
  • A short statement on the knowledge you gained from the source.
  • Any notes for those who might consider this source for future research purposes

Writing an annotated bibliography is an incredibly difficult task, not because they are hard to write but, because they take so much time and many college students have minimal time to spare between school, work, and family or social matters. It is easy to understand why many students may be quite stressed about not being able to complete their assignment. In fact, this the reason that so many students are starting to come to with writing their annotated bibliographies and other academic papers!

Our staff writers are eager to help you write your annotated bibliography. They are just waiting for you to place your order and upload your list of sources and any notes and instructions for them to follow. Once this has been completed, your annotated bibliography will be written and ready for inclusion with your essay or research paper. 

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